Stewards and local executive.


President: Cam Manson, Champlain LHIN

Vice President/Treasurer: Elaine Giles, Champlain LHIN

Chief Steward:Stephan Lemaire, Champlain LHIN

Secretary:Shari Greenhorn, Champlain LHIN

Membership Secretary: Shannon Haggerty, Champlain LHIN


Carefor Stewards:

Pam Hodge



Connexion Family Health Team Stewards:

Kate Anderson

Caroline Sauvé

Natasha Bedard

Trevor Kidney


Equipe de sante familiale communautaire de l’est Ottawa deleguees syndicales:

Anne Bilodeau


LHIN Stewards:

Labelle:  Shannon Haggerty

Labelle:  Shari Greenhorn

Labelle:  Stephan Lemaire

Labelle:  Elaine Giles

Labelle:  Marta Kedziorek

Bells Corners:  Lorrie Montague

Ottawa Hospital, Civic site:  Jessica Dionne

Renfrew:  Jodi Cotnam

Pembroke:  Shelley Hickson

Carleton Place:  Cam Manson

Cornwall:  Natalie Bray


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