Who we are

We are all members of OPSEU – the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. We are a composite local comprised of 4 separate bargaining units: Champlain CCAC, Carefor, Connexion Family Health Team and L’équipe de santé familiale communautaire de l’est d’Ottawa.

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GMM minutes from April 2019

GMM minutes April 2019

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OPSEU Local 4101 members at Convention 2018

Cam Manson (President), Martine Solomon, Kate Cholewa, Lorrie Montague, Stephan Lemaire (Chief Steward), Danielle Drouin and Nanda Nair

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LEC Minutes February 5, 2018

LEC minutes February 5 2018

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LEC Minutes September 21, 2016

OPSEU Local 4101

LEC Meeting

September 21st, 2016

2255 St. Laurent Blvd, Regional Office

Present: Shari, Cam, Stephan, Natalie, Shelley, Kate, Elaine, Veronik

Regrets: Nicole, Sherry, Pam, Marta, Jessica, Louise

Recorder: Shari Greenhorn

Call to order By Cam Manson
Statement of respect Read by Cam Manson
Adoption of Agenda Accepted.
Minutes Acceptance of minutes from February and June moved by Nat moved and seconded by Kate – approved.
Business Arising  
Treasurer’s report Report from Elaine – up to date with dues rebates; our balance at the end of July is approximately $73,000; last dues rebate was $7,400; will set up an appt with the auditors before our next GMM.
Correspondence None
New Members Shannon provided forms to Shari who will send them to the regional office; Kate has 2 that she will send in and Veronik has one – will get these to the regional office as well.
Reports of officers CCAC – two recent grievances – one staff member was forced to resign and came back as a casual “starting from scratch” – this was reversed; another grievance around the approval of vacation time is being dealt with at this time.


Carefor – no grievances but they are having discussions around mileage; the employer arbitrarily decreased the amount per km.


Connexions – new ED starts on Oct 3/16 and will soon go into bargaining – no dates set at this time.

Steward List Sent out to LEC members and will send out again to ensure that everyone has a copy.
Committee Reports Communications Committee – a mtg will be set up to review what communication needs to be sent out in the near future in terms of restructuring; Kate attended an Editor’s weekend last year but found it was less than helpful as it was super low tech (scissors and glue sticks); Elaine will give Kate some info to possibly help update the web-site.
Bylaws Currently up to date.
New Business  
CCAC restructuring Pediatric and short stay teams will be restructured; 9 FTEs from peds and one from short stay oncology; more short stay reorganization will probably happen in Feb; looking at lay-off language as per the CA; the union was informed 1 hour before the staff on the affected teams were advised; met today to look at an MOA and how choices will be made; the pediatric team will also change in how they do care coordination; the union continues to try to work with the employer; the employer talked about implementing this in early December but only verbal notice has been given this far; the CA states that we need to have 3 months’ notice; there will be working groups for peds and short stay set up to try to map out the new positions on these teams; the employer is obligated to provide written notice of 3 months which they have yet to do; the employer is not using the lay-off language as they are saying that these changes are not lay-offs.


Rumour that there is a job-posting freeze at this time; the employer can post temporary positions as they feel they need; orientation started on Sept 19/16 and there is supposed to be another orientation in October.

GMM Discussion around how to increase attendance; Steph moved to have iPad minis and door prizes again like we did for last GMM including mileage over 60 km one way and ½ of the hotel cost – seconded by Veronik.


Date for next GMM Saturday, November 19th – stewards will put a ‘save the date’ on the bulletin boards.


Elaine looking into a venue and Shari will send a ‘save the date’ message to the LEC group; Elaine will send a message out to the membership.


Elections for convention & BPS conference will be held at this GMM.


Looking for ideas around a broad topic to discuss at the GMM for the spring – possibly some group work with presentations at the meeting in relation to the changes in the health system; idea to send out a request with the ‘save the date’ for members to send in ideas of what they would like to see or hear about at the GMM;


Motion to spend up to $500 for a gift basket for Louise and seconded by Natalie; unanimously agreed to purchase a variety of items to say thank-you for all of the work that Louise does for our local and for the community health care professional provincial group; Elaine, Veronik and Shari will purchase items for a gift basket which Stephan will deliver.


Motion to adjourn the meeting Motion to adjourn by Stephan and seconded by Veronik. Meeting adjourned.
Next meeting date TBD
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LEC Minutes February 3, 2014

OPSEU Local 4101 LEC Meeting

February 3, 2014

2255 St. Laurent Blvd, Regional Office

Present: Pat Schillemore, Louise Mulligan-Roy, Stephan Lemaire, Cam Manson, Karen Kurtzrock, Karen Metcalfe, Elaine Giles, Shannon Haggerty, Natalie Bray

Regrets: Shari Greenhorn, Sue McSheffrey

Recorder: Shannon Haggerty

Call to order By Louise Mulligan-Roy
Statement of respect Read by Shannon.
Approval of previous minutes Moved by Karen M. and seconded by Cam to accept the minutes – approved.
Adoption of Agenda Moved by Stephan and seconded by Karen M. to accept the agenda with the addition of :   education plan for region 4 – approved.
Business Arising
Treasurer’s report Balance is just under $70,000; need to close 2nd account – Louise and Elaine will coordinate this together.
Initiation of new members Now 600+ members – aiming for 650 for some regular book off time for the president.
Reports of Officers Chief Steward: one outstanding grievance and one in Pembroke was resolved; in discussions about new member probation extensions;   also have had discussions about income protection approval for members (sick benefits) but have been unable to resolve at this time – denial of LTD benefits is the subject of a grievance;   discussed the issue of accommodation s and the automated calls with the employer.
Bylaws Reviewed the changes that OPSEU had revised; quorum is now 50% instead of 50 +1.
Steward Elections Natalie, Louise, Cam, Carol Ann, Karen K, Shari, Shannon, Debra, Shelley, Stephan, Elaine are stewards at the CCAC.


Connexions are represented by Kate and Josette.

Bargaining update





















Pat and Louise were in Toronto Jan 14 and 15/14 re: central bargaining – met with the other local presidents and staff reps; the employers had questions about how to integrate central bargaining into local contracts; agreed to appoint representatives for implementation subcommittee to address any issues – would plan to meet no later than 30 days post ratification ; language around ‘superior conditions’ is an issue – other CCAC’s have endorsed this process; HNJB is going through internal changes and may wish to withdraw; government is legislating central bargaining with the CAS and developmental services; dates may in September or October but needs to be confirmed with negotiator Jerry Lee;   CUPE has already chosen dates;   there is some hesitation to go down this road due to the experience with the last round of central bargaining;   Pat indicated that during the initial process the ‘superior conditions’ were not cleared (meaning each unit would maintain some conditions or make them ‘better’ – this has to be bargained; the appointed negotiator has a different approach with central bargaining and she will lead the discussions.


CCM implementation issue was common to everyone who would be in central bargaining – feel that it may be better to address this as a group in central bargaining; UMC has not yet been successful in changing anything related to the CCM /workload.


CCAC’s who would be involved in central bargaining are:

Muskoka – 65 members

Champlain 520 – 2 reps

Central East 17

North East – TA rep and

Hamilton – 2 reps


Motion by Cam to vote on the issue – seconded by Shannon. Voted to go ahead with central bargaining – two members abstained from the vote.



GMM Scheduled for March 1 – discussion re: who is to do what at the mtg;   elections for officers and trustees will take place as well as convention elections; Bylaws will also be voted on; Sue will be stepping down as VP and will send out a communication via email.
Mobilizing members Members are encouraged to take their lunch hour and will be trying to arrange a lunch time with advance notice to take a proper lunch in order to set limits; too complicated to provide lunch; Carefor west end folks meet every Friday for lunch; the Family Health Team has 3 sites and the nurses move around – on Friday’s they meet centrally near ‘the cozy nest’; discussion about how to move this idea further forward.
Nominations for Stewards 3 from Family Connexions – Sherry, Kate and Josette; bargaining to begin in June – Sonia Boudreau is back as the staff rep.
Education Plan Email was sent out; accommodation conference will take place in March; Louise would like to attend with Stephan – $900 per person is the cost – 60% will come from OPSEU central and 40% from the local through the 80/20 fund.
Motion to adjourn the meeting Motion to adjourn by Karen M and seconded by Cam.
Next meeting date May 12, 2014
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