Convention 2023

Convention 2023 was a success, we saw changes that will help with engagement while learning from the more experienced peers. From breaking down the barrier between Delegates and Alternates/Observers; all attendees will now be able to sit together, helping with learning parliamentary procedures and Robert’s Rules.

Delegates also voted for full coverage from Central for a single room when on Union business. This takes away the burden of smaller locals in dealing with the expense of covering half the cost of Delegates. Alternates and Observers continue to be the Local’s responsibility.

With inflation as high as it is, the meal allowance had not been updated since 2015. Changes were brought forward and the Delegates voted in favor for an increase.

Breakfast was 13, now 20

Lunch was 19 and now 27

Supper was 29 and now 36.

These changes took effect at the time of the vote.

For full details, please go to

Here are a few pictures taken during Convention.

1 Our group 2 Guest speaker Jagmeet Singh 3 Me at the Rally 4 a few of us at the Rally.

Bill 124 re-opener wage revision will take place May 12th. Not sure if a response will be received that day. Stay tuned for further development.

Educational in June registration closes May 5th. If you missed it and are interested in taking educational sessions which are mainly on your time on weekends, please let me know and I will make sure to share the info when I get it.

Your Local President

Stephan Lemaire

About opseu4101

We are OPSEU members who are health care professionals working in the community. We are care coordinators, nurses, nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, dietitians, IT workers, therapy support, placement coordinators and geriatric assessors. We work for the Champlain LHIN, Carefor, L'Equipe de santé familiale communautaire de l'est d'Ottawa and Connexion Family Health Team.
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